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Protein Bar & Kitchen chooses Bikky as its customer data and analytics partner
January 17, 2023

Protein Bar & Kitchen Partners with Bikky to Unlock Understanding of over 80% of its Guests

Bikky enables Chicago-based Protein Bar & Kitchen to holistically understand guest behavior by increasing data coverage beyond loyalty to majority of guests across all channels

New York, January 17, 2023 - Bikky, a customer data platform built exclusively for multi-unit restaurants to better understand their guests, today announced that Protein Bar & Kitchen, Chicago’s original healthy fast casual chain, selected Bikky as its customer data and analytics partner.

Protein Bar & Kitchen previously utilized metrics only on those guests who opted into its loyalty program. Bikky’s ability to build guest profiles from non-loyalty channels, including point of sale and third-party delivery, allows Protein Bar & Kitchen to access data on over 80% of its guests.

“We’ve been working toward a way to truly understand guest behavior, especially for folks outside of our loyalty program,” said Jared Cohen, COO of Protein Bar & Kitchen. “Previously, we’ve had an incomplete view on key metrics like retention and frequency for many of our guests. Bikky’s platform helps us really understand how these differ for both loyalty and non-loyalty guests, and measure the true lifetime value of a majority of our guests. This data allows us to take actions to improve guest retention, frequency, and menu optimization.”

Over the last three years, the restaurant industry’s reliance on digital tools like cloud point of sale, online ordering, loyalty, and third party delivery has created an influx of customer data. Today, restaurant brands need tools to access, analyze, and act on that data. Bikky ingests data to give brands insights into metrics about their business, inclusive of guest behavior and menu performance. This enables marketing and operations teams to make data-driven decisions that increase revenue for the brand.

“Protein Bar & Kitchen is one of the original healthy fast casual concepts, becoming a daily part of guest’s lives through a delicious, nutritious, and protein-packed menu,” said Bikky Founder and CEO Abhinav Kapur. “We are proud to help them better understand a significantly broader portion of their guests, from what menu items drive stronger retention, to how frequency and lifetime value vary and can be improved across channels and locations.”

About Bikky

Bikky is a customer data platform for restaurants that aggregates customer data across all in-store and off-premise channels (POS, online ordering, loyalty, reservations) to provide restaurants a single source of truth for who their guests are, their behavior across channels, and their impact on the business. This enables restaurants to make informed decisions to drive traffic, increase retention, and grow order frequency. Bikky powers data-based decisions for brands like Eggs Up Grill, Razzoo's, Protein Bar + Kitchen, Westville, Boqueria, and 5 Napkin Burger, as well as hundreds of other locations across the U.S.

Bikky is based in New York City and has raised $5.25m in funding to date.

About Protein Bar & Kitchen

Protein Bar & Kitchen is Chicago’s leading better-for-you fast casual restaurant company.  Protein Bar & Kitchen provides delicious, nutritious, and protein-packed food and blended drinks for every body.  Protein Bar & Kitchen operates across the Chicagoland area and is continuing its expansion through corporate, non-traditional, and franchise channels.  To learn more about Protein Bar & Kitchen and its offerings, visit