Grow your restaurant fasterwith guest data.
The restaurant customer data platform that measures how every marketing, menu, and operational decision impacts your guests.
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Powering brands from fast casual, to full service, to fine dining.
Trusted across thousands of locations.
Turning data into action
Bikky empowers restaurants with the same tools to access, understand, and use data as other modern retail businesses.
Guest Profiles
All your guest data - cleaned and de-duplicated - in one place.
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Guest Lifecycle
Track what drives guest acquisition, frequency, and churn.
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Menu Analysis
Easily answer questions around LTOs, attachment, and cannibalization.
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Marketing Automation
Personalize messaging and offers across channels with more than 80 restaurant-specific criteria.
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Connecting all of your data into one platform
We integrate with every in-store and off-premise channel to build a single source of truth for your guest data.
digital ordering
All of your data in one platform
We integrate with every in-store and off-premise channel to build a single source of truth for your guest data.
Fueling growth for leading multi-unit brands
All customer stories
Ricky Richardson
Increase in same store sales
Week roll-out across entire footprint
Brad Haley
More weekly orders per store
Weekly new guests per store
Deric Rosenbaum
Increase in monthly guests
Improvement in days between visits
Go from assumptions to answers
Enabling marketing, culinary, and finance teams to answer key questions about their guests.
How often do my guests come back?
What do my most loyal customers order?
How much is a loyalty guest worth?
What menu items should I cut?
Is my marketing campaign working?
How many guests do I have?
Did that new menu item bring in new guests?
Why are some of my stores underperforming?
How is my new LTO performing?
How much should I spend to acquire new guests?
What’s been the impact of taking price?
How do I drive higher frequency?
Which items having higher churn rates?
How did the offer impact retention?
What’s causing menu cannibalization?
Which items reduce menu fatigue?
How often are guests attaching items?
What’s preventing large group orders?
How is the new daypart doing?
Which items get the most substitutions?
How do loyalty tiers affect engagement?
Which channels have higher churn rates?
How often do guests order?
How many incremental guests did we get?
What ages are our most engaged guests?
Should we add a kids menu?
Did we manage to shift guests to another daypart?
Security & privacy
Bikky is built to the highest security and compliance standards.
Enterprise Grade
Bikky's system design and security policies are aligned with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) best practices.
Data Security
All customer data is fully encrypted at rest and we undergo regular vulnerability scanning, penetration tests, and policy reviews.
Data Privacy
Bikky customers own their data and we're fully compliant with all US data privacy regulations.
Sales tells you what happened.
Bikky tells you why.
Grow your restaurants with guest data insights

Build a single source of truth of your guests to understand who they are, their behavior across channels, and how it impacts your restaurant.

Empowering thousands of restaurants to make data driven decisions
Empowering thousands of restaurants to make data driven decisions
Analyze what’s important
View performance based retention, menu items, location offerings, and more.
Access your guest data
We integrate with all major delivery, POS, reservation, and loyalty services.
Action based on insights
Easily create segments based on your learnings and send them to your marketing platforms.
Guest behavior
Analyze guest retention and frequency to identify growth opportunities.
Get a complete picture of your guests by deanonymizing their transactions.
Data-driven marketing
Measure the revenue impact of your marketing campaigns.
Menu item performance
Go beyond basic product mixes and learn how guest habits change by item.
“Our 31 locations using Bikky can now connect the who with the what, where, and the how.”
Deric Rosenbaum
President of Groucho’s Deli
30+ locations
“Having the data and analytics from Bikky as an evaluation and prediction tool is game-changing.”
Brad Haley
CMO of Dave’s Hot Chicken
180+ locations
“Bikky generates significant incremental sales for our franchisees.”
Ricky Richardson
CEO of Eggs Up Grill
70+ locations
“We finally have a good sense of what we should be willing to pay to acquire customers.”
Jared Cohen
COO of Protein Bar & Kitchen
10+ locations
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