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Track, engage, and retain your guests across their entire customer journey

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Turn data into dollars


Increase in revenue


Increase in repeat guests


Increase in average check size

The system of record for all of your guest data

Sometimes you have a guests' phone number. But on another system, you only have their email address. The data is consistently fragmented and hard to track. Bikky consolidates your guest data across delivery, loyalty, point-of-sale, and reservations in one place to give you a 360 view of each individual guest. Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and excessive pen and paper.

Build authentic guest relationships in the era of digital hospitality

It was raining last Friday night and the kitchen was slammed with deliveries. You wanted to reach out to your guests after some delayed orders, but couldn't contact any that came from third party providers. Bikky provides you with tools to have meaningful interactions with all of your guests through email, SMS, and social media automations — segmented however you'd like. Now you've taken back ownership of your guests' journey.

Real return on investment — every week.

You want to send an email campaign to your guests, but aren't sure if your previous brunch campaign actually brought people in. Our weekly ROI reporting tracks revenue generation and guest retention so you can strategically iterate on campaigns — and know they're contributing real revenue to the bottom line. No more wondering if that email was effective.

Why Bikky?

Restaurant Expertise

We're restaurant fanatics that just happen to have restaurant backgrounds, and we're passionate about helping restaurants grow.


We work with dozens of the leading companies across point-of-sale, delivery, reservations, and email providers.

World Class Customer Support

We call our customers "partners," but we didn't coin the term: our partners did. This isn't a vendor relationship; we're an extension of your team.


Happy Customers

Don’t just take our word. Take Theirs too.

Bikky aggregates customer data across multiple channels and helps us analyze it so we can make the best decisions concerning ROI. I'm a big believer in their mission.

Marcus Byrd, Director of Marketing
Dos Toros

Bikky is a valuable partner for understanding my guest data and then marketing to them in a consistent, meaningful, and automated way. Doing so has helped us with overall retention and revenue generation.

Leah Durkee, Director of Marketing
Brodo Broth

When it comes to understanding guests and intelligently engaging them, Bikky is terrific. By measuring ROI weekly, we're regularly optimizing campaigns. Their product is an important extension of our marketing efforts

Sean Gunner, Marketing Project Manager
16 Handles