Customer Data Platform for Restaurants

Build a single source of truth of your guests to understand who they are, their behavior across channels, and how it impacts your restaurant.
Restaurants on Bikky see a +25% increase in guest retention
We obsessively focus on turning your guest data into dollars
Data over opinions, always
Guest attributes captured
Guest identity resolution
Increase conversions with data-backed marketing
Customer lifetime value
“Bikky generates significant incremental sales for our franchisees.”
Ricky Richardson
CEO, Eggs Up Grill, 60+ locations
“Our 31 locations using Bikky can now connect the who with the what, where, and the how. We have truly achieved digital convergence.”
Deric Rosenbaum
Deric Rosenbaum
President, Groucho’s Deli, 30+ locations
“We finally have a good sense of what we should be willing to pay to acquire customers.”
Jared Cohen
COO, Protein Bar & Kitchen, 10+ locations

Move to one source of truth

See 360 guest profiles across your POS, online ordering, reservations, and loyalty platforms.
Segment your customers and drill in to see marketing engagement and order history
Map retention, frequency, and lifetime value by location and view revenue analytics over time
Understand audience sizes over time with instant insights that answer burning questions
Our menu of reports helps you make informed decisions
Guest acquisition and retention
Identify your biggest sources of demand, highest frequency channels, or underperforming locations with deep insight into customer acquisition and retention.
Menu item performance
Understand how well a staple item impacts customer retention, if an LTO improves frequency, or if there are unsung heroes on the menu loved by your most loyal customers.
Deanonymize customers by tying demographic data to check-level data. Track retention and frequency by age, income, gender, and education for a complete picture of who they are.
Marketing automation
Build segments from over 30 criteria like channel, frequency, or daypart to trigger personalized emails across the customer journey - then tie every message back to their revenue impact.

Finally, a data-first customer platform for restaurants

Stop wondering. Start seeing.

Guest profiles

See guest data in real-time, including marketing engagement, lifetime value, revenue, and order sources over time.

Streamlined insights

Understand business performance across your operating and marketing systems in one place.

Smart list-building

Create instant guest segments, filtering by first-time source, spend, frequency, and more.

Actionable marketing

Send personalized emails, ads, and SMS to custom audiences you decide on.

Reporting built out for the c-suite

Get your leadership team and general managers the answers they need faster.

30+ integrations

Connect your point-of-sale, online ordering, delivery, reservations, and loyalty providers.
Why Bikky
We're in this together
Serving you is our mission. Bikky understands restaurants because we are built exclusively for the industry. From our integrations, to how we look at the data, to how we advise partners on how to get the most from their data.
Made for restaurants
We exist to connect the specific platforms multi-location restaurants use and c-suite leaders need to see across.
Fast, plug-and-play access
The fastest time-to-value data platform for restaurants. Activate your data in days, not months.
Built to grow with Enterprise brands
We’re built to scale with your business and give Marketing, Finance, and Operations the data they need to lead strategy.
We're in this together
We’ve been featured in the press
Business Insider
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