About Us

Bikky is the first CRM for restaurants helping you power digital hospitality by providing the system of record for all of a restaurant’s guest data. Bikky maps your guest footprint across all of your channels, from point-of-sale to delivery to loyalty, helping you know who your guests are, understanding their behavior across channels, and serving them across their entire customer journey. 
Meet Bikky’s Founder and CEO

Abhinav Kapur

Abhinav Kapur is the co-founder + CEO at Bikky, an omni-channel CRM for restaurants.

Abhinav's inspiration for Bikky came after doing deliveries in his mother-in-law's restaurant. He got tired of bringing food to the same people over and over, while realizing that the restaurant itself had no relationship with these loyal guests.

He co-founded Bikky with his wife Deepti Sharma, who prior to Bikky built FoodtoEat, a corporate catering marketplace focused on immigrant, women, and minority-owned restaurants.

About Bikky

Bikky helps support marketing, operations, and founding teams across 250 restaurant locations in the United States, including brands like Dos Toros, Gregorys Coffee, 16 Handles, and 5 Napkin Burger.

Bikky  helps you restore the direct-to-consumer relationship by providing marketing tools to help you drive guests to your most profitable channels through social retargeting, custom email campaigns, and SMS outreach. Our real-time ROI reporting helps you understand how effectively your marketing initiatives are running and allows you to optimize your campaigns.

Bikky is headquartered in New York City and was founded in 2018.