Our mission

Help restaurants make more informed, data-driven decisions by accessing and understanding their customer data

Our ethos

The next generation of hospitality will be powered by data

I fell in love with the industry watching my mother-in-law run her restaurant.

She would strike up conversations at the right time, know how and when to revamp her menu, optimize staffing across dayparts based on customer demand. Her tools were a POS, a phone, and her intuition.

Building an enduring brand today though is a lot harder.

The guest experience is fractured across multiple ordering channels and digital touchpoints, and operators still grapple with legacy tools that are built for processing transactions - not understanding customers.

At Bikky, we're building analytics and marketing tools for brands to understand and nurture customer relationships like my mother-in-law - at any scale.

- Abhinav Kapur, Founder and CEO @ Bikky

Meet our team

We’re an experienced team whose passionate about restaurants.

Tom Calabrese

Head of Product Design

Danny Garfield

Software Engineer

Abhinav Kapur

Founder, CEO

Charlotte Knobloch

Senior Customer Success Manager

John Lucas

Chief Technology Officer

Gary Luo

Software Engineer

Matthew Madurski

Software Engineer

Chris Thompson

Head of Revenue
About us

We’re built exclusively for restaurants

Most customer data platforms are built for online businesses.

They ignore that most restaurant experiences happen offline, so they lack the integrations, tools, and depth of understanding to serve the industry.

Bikky is built exclusively for restaurants - from our integrations across all in-store and off-premise channels, to our approach to identity resolution, to our analytics and marketing tools to make that data actionable.

We're proud to support restaurant leaders, marketers, and operators across hundreds of locations across the U.S., including brands like Eggs Up Grill, Groucho's Deli, 16 Handles, Westville, and 5 Napkin Burger.

We were founded in 2017 and based out of New York City.