Press release
Evergreens transforms their marketing and product decisions with Bikky’s menu analytics
August 24, 2023

Bikky, a customer data platform built exclusively for multi-unit restaurants, today announced that Evergreens, the Northwest’s destination for salads, wraps and warm bowls, selected Bikky as its customer data and analytics partner.

Evergreens’ leadership team previously relied on spreadsheets to understand how different toppings or dishes impacted their customers. They’d spend hours manually pulling and analyzing orders from different systems. This significantly limited their ability to adapt their marketing, operational, and culinary strategies to changes in customer behavior. Bikky automates this process, enabling Evergreens to easily track how every menu item impacts sales, retention, and frequency at each location.

“Bikky's menu-level data is a game changer,” said Stephanie Bills, Marketing Director at Evergreens. “We use it in almost every aspect of the business from menu development, to predictive product ordering, to almost every corner of marketing. Being able to drill into what specific items work best for acquisition and which ones keep guests coming back for more has had a near intangible impact on our strategies.”

Restaurants today have to navigate one of the toughest operating environments on record. They face changing consumer preferences and ordering habits, rising expectations, and increased competition. Bikky enables restaurants like Evergreens to adapt to this new normal through a deep understanding of how these changes impact customer behavior. With Bikky, restaurants can make data-driven decisions that improve their bottom-lines and the customer experience.

“Evergreens is one of the most innovative, customer-centric salad concepts in the industry,” said Bikky co-founder and CEO Abhinav Kapur. “They’re obsessed with differentiating themselves in a crowded category and consistently highlighting that differentiation to win new fans. It’s an honor to partner in their vision of being one of the most customizable, unique, and freshest concepts in the Pacific Northwest.”

About Bikky

Bikky is the first Customer Data Platform (CDP) built exclusively for large, multi-unit restaurant brands.

By integrating with point-of-sale systems, online ordering providers, payments processors, and loyalty programs, Bikky is the only CDP able to build comprehensive datasets about everything from the performance of menus to the frequency and lifetime value of guests. With the platform, everyone from the C-Suite to the marketing team is empowered to make better decisions about the business and measure if those decisions are contributing positively to the bottom line.

Bikky is based in New York City and has raised over $6m in funding to date. Bikky powers data-based decisions for brands like Krystal, Eggs Up Grill, Razzoo's, Protein Bar + Kitchen, Groucho’s Deli, as well as hundreds of other locations across the U.S.

About Evergreens

Evergreens is the Northwest destination for salads, wraps and warm bowls — made fresh, served fast, and full of flavor. At Evergreens, we like to think of our team members as master flavor creators, bringing ideas for bold and delicious dishes to life. Order one of our signature or seasonal recipes; or dream up something completely custom. With over 40 ingredients, prepped fresh daily and ready to serve, our customers can be in, out, and on your way to a more wholesome day. With several locations across the Pacific Northwest, our customers can stop in to choose bold flavors, better choices, and endless possibilities.