Why Restaurant Marketers Use Bikky

Our Guest Data & Marketing Platform was built for a very specific reason.

restaurant data is broken

It's hard to personalize your marketing when data lives in different places.

Bikky helps multi-location restaurant brands move away from data silos that force spray-and-pray marketing & make revenue-reporting impossible, to complete guest journeys you can see clearly in one place and personalized marketing with ROI you can track.

Marketing Problems

  • Email automation is disconnected from data
  • One-off emails require manual list cleaning
  • Mindless spending for maximum reach
  • Guest burnout from spray & pray marketing
  • Paying acquisition fees to marketplaces
  • No insight into campaign performance

Bikky Solutions

  • Data is finally centralized for marketing
  • Instant customer segments update in real-time
  • Ongoing campaigns send automatically
  • Targeted audiences drive revenue
  • Third-party guests convert to direct
  • Trackable ROI for each campaign

Connect your guest data without painful, time-consuming list-pulling.

Think of Bikky as the marketing engine that keeps you in front of every guest at the right time, with the right message. Restaurant brands rely on Bikky to centralize their guest data — and trigger marketing campaigns that drive revenue.

So you can focus on everything else you're managing — your website, menu, events, social, promotions, and more.

Bikky collects & segments your data, connecting it to marketing automation and reporting on campaign revenue for you. 🚀

third party delivery

Third-Party Delivery

online ordering

Online Ordering




Point of Sale

We consolidate guest data and create behavioral segments that set off personalized email, SMS, and ad campaigns —and then show you the revenue. So you build relationships that last longer, shine stronger, and make you look good.

How We Do It

Data Aggregation
Get usable data without hiring an analyst.

data aggregation

Guest Profiles
Access a complete view of each guest.

guest profile

Smart Audiences
Create segments that trigger marketing campaigns.

custom segments

Revenue Reporting
See attribution on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

revenue reporting

We help restaurant marketers to engage and retain guests online with
real-time data consolidation, smart list-building, and built-in revenue reporting. 

what bikky does

We Connect To Your Existing Channels

Activate real-time (or one-off) email campaigns, as well as sending SMS feedback requests next-day to first-time guests and targeting specific audiences for ads. Bikky also shows attribution for each campaign, so you have revenue numbers at the ready, always. 

email campaigns

Email Campaigns

Send your custom segments from Bikky into Mailchimp. These segments update in real-time and trigger email automations as guests enter the segment over time.



Text your guests two hours after they order to ask for feedback. See their responses as they come in and respond in real-time from the Bikky dashboard.

ad campaigns

Ad Campaigns

Download custom audiences from Bikky to target very specific groups of guests (i.e. using phone numbers from third-party purchases to drive home ads to order direct).

We Are The Data Layer Behind the Best Brands

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5Napkin Burger
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16 Handles

How Is Bikky Different Than Other Tech Partners?

Your Built-In Data Analyst

Unite your guest data for full guest lifecycle marketing.

Pull data in across 30+ platforms of operating systems, each with their own format. 

Smart List-Building

Easily create behavioral guest segments in the click of a button.

Trigger marketing campaigns off of custom audiences that update in real-time. No bells and whistles needed. 

Profitable, Provable Marketing

Exceed your marketing goals faster with end-to-end automation.

Activate personalized, 1:1 campaigns that send automatically and pull revenue for you.

An Extension of Your Team

Work with a partner that goes beyond being just responsive and supportive. 

Think: transformative advisor of your marketing team and your brand.

Software That Moves at The Speed of Your Restaurant

Rise above restaurant technology that settles. 

Voice your needs and watch the Bikky platform evolve with you — because every day, your success is our success.

Typical Results We See:

What Customers Are Saying

🗣️ "Bikky takes data that might have been outside of our grasp before, pulls it into our realm and then allows us to use it."
- Sean Gunner, Director of Marketing at
16 Handles
🗣️ “We needed a tool for targeting and segmentation. Bikky delivered on that, and more. While you take care of business, Bikky is the marketing machine behind you.”
- Alessandro Biggi, Founder at
🗣️ “If you're a restaurant marketer that feels like you're mindlessly putting money behind ads or going with the wind, Bikky gives you a direction, end goal, and a way to prove revenue.”- Julianne Savoy, Director of Marketing & Social Media at 5 Napkin Burger
🗣️ “I'm amazed at how seamless Bikky makes the entire process for restaurant marketers. You guys are pulling data across POS, online ordering, third-party marketplace, and private events into one place."- Anna Vagner, Director of Sales & Marketing at Seamore’s
🗣️ “Bikky has more potential than other tech partners because its product development is flexible, taking feedback from customers to see where the product should go.”- Emiliano Delgado, Director of Marketing & Operations at Carolina's Italian Restaurant
🗣️ "You are the only company providing legitimate ideas on how to action guest data.”- Rachel Kornafel, VP Marketing at Boqueria

Who We Work With

Create campaigns so personalized even a marketer would want to receive them.