For operations

Connect your guest data to increase LTV at every location

You’re busy juggling revenue growth, staff retention, and cutting costs — all at once. Let us join your guest and revenue data, so you can focus on operational efficiencies. 

An operations engine that helps you move faster

Data aggregation

See revenue and guest data in one place, without exports across each of your systems.

Central dashboard insights

Point your leaders to one source of truth for guest frequency, recency, and retention numbers.

Data for decision-making

Double down on what’s working and what’s not with each of your GMs.

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See your revenue-drivers and your guest drop-off, firsthand

Pull revenue into one place
Stop chasing down logins for operating systems across all of your locations. 
Automate team processes for time-savings
Stop relying on exports and cross-system customer-matching on your own. 
Push operational data to marketing, automatically.
Empower Marketing to see and act on guest data from the same place as Operations.

Identify unknown guests and see comprehensive journeys

Match data points to real people
Turn all of the disparate data your brand is sitting on into guest profiles with 360° views, using unique identifiers for each person.
Answer queries in seconds
Scan across 40+ guest attributes to build customer segments in less than 60 seconds. 
Access new insights, at your fingertips
See how guests interacting with email and SMS are then dining in and ordering takeout.

Use data to guide each of your GMs

Drill deeper into guest retention
Measure the KPIs you own and be delighted by metrics you didn’t know you could track. 
Identify drop-off points to prevent them
See exactly where and when and why guests leave the brand and prevent it before it happens. 
Get more focus time on strategy
Spend more time on staff turnover and cost reduction strategy, because your data is in a place of connection and easy actionability. 
Increase in customer lifetime value
Increase in guests who order 3+ times
Increase in conversion rates