For finance

Track your metrics. Outside of Excel.

You’re the master of spreadsheets, but you’re not an admin. Spend less time crunching numbers, and more time on revenue growth.

A financial powerhouse that helps you move faster

Data aggregation

Pull your data silos (typically 5+ restaurant location) to one place.

Central dashboard insights

See how your business is performing — holistically & by location.

Data for decision-making

Drill into the numbers you need instantly without formulas or sheets.

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for 20/20 vision into your guest data
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Better see what’s driving revenue

Measure marketing ROI
Empower your marketing team to see the ROI for email and ad campaigns in real-time.
Bridge the gap between platforms
Finally address that elephant in the room with your disparate systems.
Get a CDP within your budget
Connect all of your data on an ongoing basis so revenue is centralized & reportable.

See your loyal customers and grow more of them

View 360 guest journeys with the details you want
Understand how high-spenders engage with marketing and see what is driving sales.
Access holistic insights
Report on 40+ attributes across 30+ operating systems instantly.
Get the flexibility you need
Drill your analysis down to one location or view many at once to compare performance.

Exceed your KPIs with less stress

Get a baseline for how you’re doing
See what’s driving revenue in one place,  without wasting time running formulas in spreadsheets.
Double down on what’s driving revenue
Get instant access to splice & dice the data, with actionable analytics that give you 20/20 vision.
See and address your weak spots
Guide Operations and Marketing on where they need to double down to strengthen numbers.
Increase in customer lifetime value
Increase in guests who order 3+ times
Increase in conversion rates