Pull all your guest data across locations and operating systems into one place — and make it actionable— for less than $7 a day.



per location per month


For large enterprise groups, franchises, and virtual concepts.

Built Into Bikky

Data Aggregation: Pull in and clean your data across different operating systems including POS, ordering, third-party marketplaces, and reservations.
Guest Profiles: See guest data in real-time, including contact information, lifetime value, total orders across all operating systems, and order sources over time.
Real-Time Segmentation: Create guest segments in under 30 seconds using 20+ guest attributes with and/or logic. Filter by first-time source, last time seen, most recent order source, and more.
Campaign Triggering: Send email, SMS, and ad campaigns without spreadsheets or filtering. We'll trigger your audiences automatically and show ROI. So you can focus on the creative part of each campaign.
Revenue Reporting: See daily or cumulative revenue across all of your marketing campaigns or drill down into one campaign. Get an easy-to-interpret analysis you can easily show to your boss.
By-Location Scorecards: See how your business is doing at each location over time, including monthly change in: database size, average check, revenue, repeat guest rate, and 90-day spend.
Strategy Advisors: Access best practices other restaurant marketers are finding success with, and implement them faster with the Bikky team as your advisor and industry guide.
Integrations: Send real-time custom audiences to your existing marketing platforms and ingest back email performance, seeing order sales and reservation bookings.

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