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Your customers want more revenue. You want to build incredible marketing initiatives. Bikky has the most comprehensive and accurate data about restaurants’ guests.

Bikky partners with marketing consultants and agencies across the country to supercharge restaurants’ marketing efforts, providing all of the guest data you need to build guest loyalty and increase ROI.

Request more information on Bikky’s reseller program today to learn more about how we can help you and your clients make more on your bottom line.

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Why Restaurants 
partner with Bikky

Integrations with the largest providers for point-of-sale, ordering, and third party delivery.
The most comprehensive view of a restaurant’s guest data, including complete guest profiles.
Incredible tools to supercharge your marketing efforts, including email, social, and SMS. 
Comprehensive and accurate ROI reporting on email campaigns and third party guest conversion.

Why Marketers partner 
with Bikky

Exclusive discounts for your customers and revenue for you!
Bikky is the most comprehensive way to demonstrate ROI on the marketing initiatives you’re working on.
You worry about what the marketing says, we make sure it lands in the right people’s inboxes. 
We make your customers more successful and when we do, it makes you look great.  
Bringing a solution to the table that works for my customer makes me look good. Bikky handles a function that everyone knows they need to do but doesn’t want to do. 

Retaining guests is really easy if you do the right things. Bikky helps make doing all the right things really easy.
David “Rev” Cianco
Branded Strategic Hospitality, Head of Revenue Marketing