How to Convert Customers from Third-Party Delivery to First-Party
High-level ways to create native platform lock-in
How to build and create custom audiences
How to measure ROI
What's inside
In this free e-book, you'll learn how to move guests off third-party delivery, regain control of the guest relationship, and make your fastest growing channel profitable.
Background on Bikky

The only agnostic guest data platform for restaurants

Bikky was founded by the son-in-law of a NYC restaurant operator to relieve the pain point of disjointed restaurant tech systems.

You get data unified into one place that you can act on — without learning a new system to trigger emails, SMS, or ads. Easily create audience segments that send automatically to Mailchimp, and then we’ll pull back email engagement and tie it to revenue for you. Does a guest who receives a campaign re-order within 7 days? Tell us your goal, we’ll measure it for you.
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