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The contest is officially ended, but we can still help your brand to better understand your customers, their behaviors, and how it impacts your business.
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What if you could get data from every in-store and off-premise channel to understand your customers, their behavior, and how they impact your business - for free?
High-touch onboarding
Automatic customer identity resolution
Customer analytics across locations, channels, menu items, and demographics
We’re a customer data platform for restaurants
The pandemic digitized the restaurant industry - and fragmented the customer experience across ordering channels and fulfillment types. Bikky aggregates, cleanses, stores, and presents customer data from every in-store and off-premise channel so brands can make data-driven decisions across marketing, operations, culinary, real estate, and the customer experience.
“Bikky generates significant incremental sales for our franchisees. By integrating seamlessly with our POS to pull check-level data into their platform, our marketing team and local franchisees can easily identify the behaviors of high value segments and the effectiveness of our messaging outreach.”
Ricky Richardson, CEO of Eggs Up Grill
Our menu of reports helps you make informed decisions
Guest acquisition and retention
Identify your biggest sources of demand, highest frequency channels, or underperforming locations with deep insight into customer acquisition and retention.
Menu item performance
Understand how well a staple item impacts customer retention, if an LTO improves frequency, or if there are unsung heroes on the menu loved by your most loyal customers.
Deanonymize customers by tying demographic data to check-level data. Track retention and frequency by age, income, gender, and education for a complete picture of who they are.
Marketing automation
Build segments from over 30 criteria like channel, frequency, or daypart to trigger personalized emails across the customer journey - then tie every message back to their revenue impact.
We’re proud to power more informed, data-driven decision making for over 40 multi-unit brands across 600 locations.
Contest terms and conditions
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