Frequently asked questions

What is Bikky?

Bikky is a customer relationship management (CRM) + marketing platform for restaurants. Our mission is to help restaurants use their guest data to build more authentic, profitable customer relationships.

What does Bikky do?

Bikky aggregates guest data across your restaurant's various systems - POS, delivery, and loyalty - so you have a single, unified view of your guests. Our CRM provides key insights on your guests' behavior:

  • Who's ordering (guest details + contact info)
  • What they order (menu items)
  • Where they order (particular locations)
  • When they order (day-part)
  • How they order (through which channel - delivery, in-store, or both)
  • How much they order (average order value)
  • How frequently they order

We automatically present this data at the brand, location, and customer-level, so you have a complete view of your guests.

How do I use this data?

Great question! It can be hard to figure out where to start with all this new data at your fingertips. Our mission is to give restaurant marketers and operators a better way to understand and engage their guests. To that end we've built some out-of-the-box, automated ways to get you started:

  • New guest onboarding - automatically welcome new guests to your brand over a series of emails presenting your values, ethos, and food. Proven to drive a 10-12% increase in revenue from new guests in the first 30 days, and a 7-9 percentage point lift in customer retention
  • Lapsed guest retention - automatically recover lapsed guests without discounting. Proven to increase conversion rates by >2x vs. traditional lapsed campaigns.

Other ways we've seen our partners use their data include re-targeting delivery customers on social media to encourage higher-margin in-store visits, identifying abnormally large spenders for targeted follow-up, identifying multi-channel (delivery + loyalty) guests to cultivate a unique VIP cohort, and using physical address data from deliveries to send personalized postcards that advertise in-store perks (seriously!).

I'm a busy operator. What if I don't have time to work with data or run campaigns?

Totally understand it - that's why we built our automations. It typically takes 3-4 weeks from signing to launch (typically in drafting the copy for your campaigns and getting your sign-off prior to launch). Once launched, it's an entirely hands-off process. We automate two critical parts of the funnel - welcoming new guests and recovering lapsed ones - so you can focus on the other fundamentals of your business.

And what if I have the time. Can't my marketing team run these campaigns?

Unfortunately, it's pretty tough. Here's some inside baseball on Bikky's mechanics.

Every day we automatically identify new and lapsed guests from your various channels, pipe them directly into your email service provider (i.e. Mailchimp), run the campaigns, then pull historical transaction data to measure ROI to date.

Our platform aggregates the data, executes the campaigns, then proves the impact in terms of real revenue.

What integrations does Bikky support?

Most of them! Below are some of the major ones we work with:

  • Cloud POS: Toast, Clover, Revel, Brink, and Square
  • Delivery: OLO, Chownow, 9Fold, GoParrot, Lunchbox, and select third-party platforms
  • Loyalty: LevelUp, Tapmango
  • Wi-fi: Stadio, ZenReach
  • E-mail: Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor

Sounds great! How much does this all cost?

Pricing starts at $200 per location per month.

Flexibility depends on additional features including the full scope of data integrations, use of Bikky automations, and length of initial contract signed.

Seems reasonable. How do we get started?

Give us some more details about your brand, and one of our founds will be in touch.

You can also reach us directly at (347) 946-3002 or