Frequently asked questions

What is Bikky?

Bikky is a guest data platform for restaurants. We break down silos across POS, online ordering, reservation, and loyalty platforms to give a 360° view of guests. Brands like Boqueria, Urbanspace, and Westville use deep insights in Bikky to personalize engagement and 3x customer lifetime value.

What does Bikky do?

Bikky aggregates guest data across your restaurant's various systems - POS, delivery, and loyalty - so you have a single, unified view of your guests. Our CDP provides key insights on your guests' behavior:

  • Who's ordering (guest details + contact info)
  • What they order (menu items)
  • Where they order (particular locations)
  • When they order (day-part)
  • How they order (through which channel - delivery, in-store, or both)
  • How much they order (average order value)
  • How frequently they order

We automatically present this data at the brand, location, and customer-level, so you have a complete view of your guests.

Sounds great! How much does this all cost?

Pricing starts at $200 per location per month.

Flexibility depends on additional features including the full scope of data integrations, use of Bikky automations, and length of initial contract signed.

Seems reasonable. How do we get started?

Give us some more details about your brand, and one of our founds will be in touch.

You can also reach us directly at (347) 946-3002 or