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Ebook - How to convert customers

Imagine this.

A guest orders from your restaurant. You make the food, and sometimes even deliver it. Then someone else takes 20%, keeps the data, then actively shows that guest "other restaurants they might like".

Wait, what?

Third-party delivery kinda sucks. Seriously.

In this free, 27-page guide, you'll learn how to:

  • move guests off third-party delivery
  • regain controp of the guest relationship
  • make your fastest growing channel profitable

It's zero-sum.

Guests will either order directly from you or via third-parties. And those third parties? They desperately need as many of your guests as possible just to turn a profit.

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Abhinav Kapur

CEO @ Bikky

Abhinav Kapur is the co-founder and CEO of Bikky, a data and marketing platform for restaurants. He learned the importance of hospitality and understanding your customer from his mom, who for the last 20 years has expertly run a 2-star New York Times-rated restaurant in Manhattan. You can reach him directly at abhinav [at] bikky [dot] com to talk all things restaurants, data, and marketing.

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