Product Update: May 2022 — Segmentation & SMS Releases

May 26, 2022

Here’s an overview of everything new that Bikky’s Product team launched in May 2022:

Product Update: Segmentation

We're working hard to add new data into Segmentation and to add visibility into and ownership over the segments you're creating in Bikky.

Create Segments by Day of Week

Want to see who came in on Monday? Saturday? Create a segment of guests based on the day of the week that they ordered. Now, you can! 🔎 🕵️ 🔎

For any new segment, go to When >

- Day of the week ordered

- Day of the week most frequently ordered

- Only day of the week ordered. 

You can select multiple days of the week at once (i.e. select Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to see weekday guests).

Pull the segment in seconds, and drill in to each guest. You can also send your segments to Mailchimp and automate messaging to guests as they enter a segment.

Use Case: See who weekend-only guests are to encourage them to try your new menu on a weeknight after work.

Creating a Weekend-Only guest segment in Bikky

--> Check it out for yourself in your Bikky dashboard

Other use cases

  • Compare average check size, average # orders, and lifetime value of different day-of-week segments
  • Drill into what types of personas are ordering from you throughout the week
  • See how the same day-of-week segment (weekend vs. weekday) guests vary by location
  • See how the volume of a day-of-week segment has changed over time

Start creating new segments in Bikky.

See Authors for Each New Segment Created

Starting this month, for any new segments, you will see each creator’s name listed with the segment. You can also filter to segments that you are the author of versus other users in your account.

Find your segments faster and see what your colleagues are up to with making segments of their own. 

--> Make a Segment in less than 30 Seconds 

Pro Tip: Create these 13 segments in Bikky if no one in your account has pulled them yet. Send them to Mailchimp to trigger ongoing email campaigns to send to guests as soon as they enter an audience cohort. 

Product Update: 2 New Releases to SMS

We’ve been focusing on strengthening our SMS offering by building out the most asked-for features. Excited to announce two new updates!

Control SMS Send Timing by Day of Week and Time of Day

Don’t want your SMS texts to be sent too early in the morning or late in the evening? Want to avoid texting your guests on the weekends? You got it! Now you have even more control with simple frequency throttling. 

You decide on what days of the week and times of day your campaign will be allowed to trigger. Here’s what that looks like in Bikky:

Go to SMS Feedback in your Bikky Dashboard to control your campaigns today. 

Select Positive or Negative Sentiment of Unknown Texts

Now that we’ve started to analyze sentiment for you, we’ve given you the ability to self-sort any unknown texts. This drives down the volume of the unknown category so you can more accurately track positive vs. negative sentiment over time. 


That's all for May!

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