4 Mailchimp Template Examples for Restaurants

February 17, 2022

Use These Templates and Examples to Copy/Paste for Your Own Ongoing Campaigns

If you use Mailchimp as your email marketing service provider (ESP), great! Keep reading for four ongoing drip campaigns every business should be sending to its customers.

#1: Welcome Message for New Customers

Most welcome emails live and die by their subject line and have an average 30% open rate. And that’s if a brand is sending one at all. Many businesses currently settle for transactional emails that confirm an order and leave it at that. You can break through the ice by entering them into a nurture that truly introduces your brand and shows them why you’re unforgettable.  

Go beyond “Thank you for your order” → Move to “Hello and welcome. This is why we’re here.”

When a guest dines with you in-person or orders from you online, you’ve already done the hard part with getting them to transact. Now, you need to convince them to come back.

How can you stay top of mind over a period of 30+ days?

Through a full drip campaign.

How does that work?

Drip campaigns send multiple, unique touch points to the inbox of your guest, increasing your likelihood of making a connection, building value, and staying top of mind. Each email within the campaign focuses on its own topic and CTA and has a new subject line and preheader text.

Here are the results are customers see with active welcome message campaigns:

Email #1

Subject Line (Pick one or write your own!):

  • Welcome to {brand name}, {first name}
  • Hello and welcome, from {brand name}
  • 👋 Hey from {{brand name}}

Preview Text: Our owner wanted to say thank you.

Email Body Template: ➡️ Grab the rest of Email 1 and Emails 2-7 for this campaign in our Google Doc here.

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Pro Tip: Make sure you’re considering a tool that provides data aggregation if you’re currently manually importing lists. The best customer journeys send when your customer data flows into Mailchimp automatically.

Mailchimp Template #2: A Second Purchase Flow

When your guests come back and reordered for the first time, they’ve overcome a huge hurdle and shown the first indicator of loyalty. They’re more likely than other guests to participate in a habit loop where they come back again and again. 

Honor that, and acknowledge it with them.

Note: If you’re a B2B business, you can pick one of these other templates instead, like an anniversary campaign. 

Before we dig into the campaign content, let's show you what to expect from this campaign:

Email #1

Subject Line (Pick one or write your own!):

  • Hey, you ordered again!
  • Welcome back
  • Nice to see you again 😉

Preview Text: Good to see you, and thank you for coming back. Our team appreciates your loyalty. 

Email Body Template: ➡️ Grab the rest of Email 1 and all of Emails 2 for this campaign in our Google Doc here.

Mailchimp Template #3: Lapsed Flow That Tracks And Re-Engages Customers Who Drop-off

One of the best ways for your marketing team to guarantee ongoing retention revenue for your business is by automatically tracking drop-off from paying customers and bringing them back into the fold with targeted messaging that re-introduces the value of your brand. 

Here's the proof: 

Subject Line (Pick one or write your own!):

  • We miss you 
  • Hungry for {brand}?
  • Remember how good {brand} was? 

Preview Text: Hey, we’ve been missing you! Where’d you go? Let us explain why now’s a good time to come back. 

Email Body Template: ➡️ Grab the rest of Email 1 and all of Emails 2-5 for this campaign in our Google Doc here.

Pro Tip: With this being a multi-step campaign, make sure that your secondary steps scan for a filter to make sure the customer hasn’t reordered since the delay after the prior email.

Mailchimp Template #4: Congratulatory Message to High Lifetime Value Customers

Sometimes, a thank you can go a long way. Showing gratitude brings positive emotions to the person who receives it, and it helps to create deeper relationships. 

That’s why it’s worth thanking your most loyal guests. And it doesn’t require expensive gifts, manual tracking, or your staff’s time in following up. Mailchimp can do it for you. 


You set a trigger for when a customer hits a certain spend amount in dollars or a certain order volume. (If you’re a B2B business, you could also set a threshold for how long someone has been a customer; make it 3x the average.)
Pro Tip: If you’re unsure of a reward, you could send a digital gift card, a free piece of swag, offer a dollar amount that’s 10% off of your average order value or offer 10% off of a guest’s next order.

Subject Line (Pick one or write your own!):

  • You just hit a milestone
  • Release the confetti 
  • Congratulations 🥳

Preview Text: Yay! Did you know you just hit a milestone? Because you did, and we want to thank you..
Email Body Template: ➡️ Grab the rest of this email campaign in our Google Doc here.

Download our playbook with 7 Mailchimp examples and templates to copy/paste right now.