Bikky's Guest Segmentation Tool is Live 🎉

May 3, 2021
Abhinav Kapur

Spring optimism 🌞

Restaurant doors are reopening and guests are dining both indoors and out again. It’s a fantastic time to be in NYC, and you can feel the excitement for the summer ahead. Check out some highlights from my mother-in-law's summer drinks menu. 🥂


Now onto our update...

Guest segmentation is out of beta 🎉

Do you know who’s ordering / visiting every month? With Bikky’s guest segmentation it takes less than 30 seconds to figure it out (click to watch in full):


From there, you can instantly push a tag for these guests to your email marketing platform (Mailchimp only to start) to tee up a highly targeted campaign.

From painstaking excel work to personalization in under 60 seconds. 😍


If you can dream it, you can build it 👷‍♀️

Some segments from our beta partners:

  • the daily number of new guests they're serving 🤗
  • high value guests ($200+ lifetime spending) that are lapsed 💰
  • guests switching from third-party to direct ordering or in-store visits 😈

In the coming months, we’ll add segmentation on order type (dine-in, pickup, delivery), daypart, and menu items (so you can finally target all your vegetarian guests 🍵).

And with our Mailchimp integration, you can build full blown automations based on guest behavior, basically putting your marketing funnel on auto-pilot. Or, we can help build an automation playbook that'll start turning your guest data into dollars. 🤑

Special shout-outs 💅

  • Sean Gunner, Head of Marketing @ 16 Handles, for being on top of us from Day 1 to build this functionality
  • Emiliano Delgado, Director of Marketing @ Carolina's Italian, for unvarnished, honest feedback throughout the ideation, design, and testing process
  • Gio + Anna, the marketing team @ Seamore's, for being the first to hook up Mailchimp automations to their segments in Bikky

Learn more here.