5 Napkin Burger Increases Marketing-Driven Revenue by 25% with Bikky

5 Napkin Burger is a full-service & takeout burger brand with four locations in NYC.

The Problem

5 Napkin Burger offers delicious burgers to guests. Every bite into a 10-ounce, all-natural Angus chuck patty is a delicious one. That was never a problem.
The problem was that — behind the gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, and rosemary aioli — the marketing team was sitting on data. And that data was disconnected.
Here’s what that meant for the business:

  • Marketing was too busy owning the brand’s online presence, menu design, social media, reputation management, and did not have time to take on a data overhaul. 
  • Campaigns were being targeted generally across the full customer base. Ads were “a shot in the dark,” says Director of Marketing & Social Media, Julianne Savoy.
  • It wasn’t easy to see what was working and what wasn’t. Marketing reporting was just as up in the air. 

“We were going with the wind, putting money behind ads with no way to track them,” says Savoy.

Until finally, the pandemic pushed the brand to prioritize data management.

The Solution

5 Napkin Burger approached Bikky to unify its third-party delivery, first party ordering, and POS data in one place. They needed to quantify and qualify marketing efforts, and Bikky delivered.

“We’ve really leveled up our marketing. We have automations going and we’ve finally painted a full picture that we can look at on a weekly basis," Savoy explains.

Guest Segmentation

Bikky maps disparate data to consistent guest profiles automatically for the brand so it’s useful to marketing. The Marketing team then uses Bikky to create easy customer segments that tie into ads, email, and SMS campaigns.

These customer segments pull in guests across the POS, first-party ordering, and marketplaces and update in real-time. This allows every campaign to send to guests 1:1 at the right time. Plus, Bikky surfaces campaign ROI for the team.

“Now, we can say, conversions are up or down. We can see marketing-attributed revenue with real numbers to evaluate."

Facebook Ads

The marketing team launches two Facebook ads each month, each relating to a separate guest audience. These campaigns each have a purpose, and they’re trackable. 

One campaign, for example, targets third-party marketplace guests, incentivizing direct orders. It achieves a 10.1 return on ad spend (ROAS).

Email Marketing

Ongoing Campaigns

Currently, a lapsed guest drip campaign nurtures lapsed guests to come back with a series of seven emails. When tested versus a control group, this campaign drove a 25% increase in revenue from first-time guests.

One-Off Email Newsletters

The brand does a great job of balancing email automations like this one with one-off email blasts, also tailored to very specific audience segments, to drive revenue for the business. They segment by location, by daypart, and by order fulfillment type and source. 

“With Bikky, we have a specific direction with each audience, an end goal, and we have a way to track it and prove that we’ve reached and exceeded our goal,” Savoy says.

“Other platforms with email marketing built in have very limited audiences. They aren’t pulling across all of our systems. Like loyalty — I can only market to guests who have proactively subscribed into loyalty. That’s only going to get me a small percentage of the customer base, and that’s without adding targeting filters.”

Guest Insights

Because of the analytics through Bikky, the 5 Napkin Burger team has been able to connect limited-time offer (LTO) menu items with higher than average lifetime value (LTV). 

Here’s an interesting insight: their Beer Cheese Burger was correlated with a 4.8X higher lifetime value than other items on the menu. And in general, guests who purchased an LTO at all typically had an LTV 2x higher than regular guests.

The team now knows to use these LTO items in marketing materials — showing images on the website, social, and in emails, and they can advise on which LTOs to re-offer.

Julianne Savoy
Director of Marketing & Social Media

“The Bikky team is amazing. They have been so great to work with. I lean on them and fully trust their opinions and direction. Everyone we’ve worked with has been extremely helpful. With other platforms, we’re introduced to a customer service agent who we never hear from again, or it takes weeks to track them down. With Bikky, the customer experience has always been extremely seamless and the team maintains being approachable.”

See for yourself what Bikky can do for your business.